Are YOU Done

with all the Clutter and Messiness

& Ready to

Start Making Your Midlife Marvelous?

You can Make YOUR Midlife Marvelous and Absolutely Love YOUR Body and Life, Starting Today!

Are YOU Done

with all the Clutter and Messiness

& Ready to

Start Making YOUR Midlife Marvelous?

You can Make YOUR Midlife Marvelous and absolutely, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Your body and life starting today!

Does Messy
Midlife Have You Overwhelmed?

This is just plain wrong! You've lived your whole life. You've given so much and now it's your time to just relish and enjoy yourself and you don't feel like you have the energy for it. Right?

You know how frustrating navigating midlife’s huge challenges can be. You’re constantly feeling irritable, fat, frumpy, and discontent with life.

Especially when you’ve got …

  • Low energy
  • You can't focus
  • Your belly is bloated
  • And you've gained a few (or 20+) pounds

You just don’t recognize your body and all you want to do is Feel Like Yourself Again.


You’ll still be in Messy Midlife!

Unfortunately, this messiness doesn’t simply go away.

But Wait! It doesn’t have to be this way …

I get it, You’re in the prime of your life and you don’t feel good.



Marvelous Midlife


Imagine three months from now, you’ll have moved from feeling fat, frumpy, burned out, and flatlined to a woman who walks through life feeling energized, vibrant, balanced, and calm.

You’re finally comfortable in your own skin, your hormones are naturally balanced, you’re mindfully savoring delicious satisfying food, and you're paying attention to your body's inner guidance.

Amazing health, and feeling fabulous are your new normal and you absolutely love, love, love your life!

The Marvelous Midlife Method guides you to embrace and follow your body’s internal wisdom and stop self-sabotaging with ease, using your mind, body, and … oh yes, delicious mouthwatering food!

Kathryn is a genuinely knowledgeable and empathic coach. Kathryn really understands the connection between food and self-care. She will not give up on you and has endless ideas about how to achieve your goals and move you toward the life you want. There are so many great activities to keep you on track that you can never get bored. I have experienced a release of self-loathing that occurs when I fall off my game. I am less self-critical, and have an increase in my excitement and enthusiasm for my life, and an unprecedented sense of wonder and possibility. The best is yet to come and I can say I honestly love my body and myself in a way I never did. Thanks Kathryn!


YOUR Marvelous Midlife Transformation works like a 3-legged stool. Without one of these legs, the stool will collapse.

Lock in a New Way of Eating

Instead of using the old rigid ‘diet mentality’, lock in a new way of eating where you listen to your body, savor every morsel of food, and truly nourish your body with ease. You no longer need to struggle through your health and weight challenges. You can start eating for true satisfaction and pleasure!

Give Yourself Extreme Self Care in a way that matters

When you’re kind to your body, prioritizing your time, really doing the things that matter, giving yourself exactly what you need, and making a positive difference, life becomes so much more enjoyable. Treat your body with loving kindness and allow your body to be kind to you so your body responds in kind.

Cultivate an Empowering Positive Mindset

Thoughts are powerful and you have the power to change them. When we elevate our thoughts to more inspiring and positive thoughts, life becomes easy and effortless. How is your mind supporting or detracting from your brilliant self?

About Kathryn

I’m not your traditional nutritionist.

My Messy Midlife came with big challenges.

I lost my joy and sizzle for life.

So, I changed my diet and I quickly discovered, being my "Magnificent Me" went far beyond great healthy food.

I climbed out of Messy Midlife, using my powerful life-changing practices, allowing my body to bring me back to balance, and finding more joy and enthusiasm for life.

The Overwhelm, Debilitating Fatigue, and Constant Brain Fog vanished.

I got my groove back!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve guided hundreds of women through the process of reconnecting with their bodies, so that they can think their way to healthy and live the lives they love.

You see, I am multi-magical. In fact, you won’t find someone as multi-magical as me anywhere.

I’m trained and certified in multiple modalities and I’m uniquely qualified to lovingly guide you in designing and creating your marvelous midlife.

The Marvelous Midlife Method is perfect for you if...

  • You want to live with more confidence and ease in a body you absolutely love.
  • You’re committed to becoming a more balanced beautiful YOU.
  • Instead of struggling and using willpower to count calories, carbs, and fats, you want to Reconnect with your body’s wisdom and eat intuitively.
  • You know there’s a better way to balance your hormones than using synthetic pills, patches, and creams.
  • Naturally Balancing your Hormones with delicious mouthwatering food, targeted supplements, powerful positive thoughts, mindset-elevating exercises, and stress-reducing strategies is your path to becoming your healthiest happiest self.

Kathryn is caring, incredibly competent, and positively energetic. Kathryn’s expertise and advice helped me to alleviate menopausal symptoms, lose 23 pounds, alleviate the neuralgia in my toes, swollen joints in my hands, and relieve my depression and migraine symptoms. Kathryn Chess is a wonderful advocate and ally in my quest for better living.

Deborah Del Mastro

On your 12 Week Marvelous Midlife Method Personal Transformation Journey ...

You’ll receive everything you need to Nourish your entire body with ease.

Your path is easy, and we take everything in baby steps to allow you to lock in your progress.

This program doesn’t focus on calories, carbs, and fats. We focus on easy long-lasting mindful solutions to transform your relationship not only with food but also with life.

Here’s what you will have

at the end of the program …

  • Reclaim Your Energy, Joy, Sleep, Sex Drive, and Metabolism with our Hormone-balancing strategies.
  • Reboot Your System with Clean Delicious Healthy Foods that You will Love!
  • Harmonize and Balance Your Hormones Naturally.
  • Say "Bye, Bye" to Emotional and Binge Eating with my Craving Kicker.
  • Release lifelong limiting beliefs.
  • Create a Whole New World of Wellness from the inside out.


Reclaim Your Energy, Joy, Sleep, Sex Drive, and Metabolism with our Hormone-balancing strategies.


Reboot Your System with Clean Delicious Healthy Foods that You will Love!

Harmonize and Balance Your Hormones Naturally.



Say "Bye, Bye" to Emotional and Binge Eating with my Craving Kicker.

Release lifelong limiting beliefs.



Create a Whole New World of Wellness from the inside out.


I'm here to support YOU with

Answers to YOUR Most Frequently Asked Questions

Marvelous Midlife Method provides the framework, support, and learning materials to enable you to see real transformation in your (mid)life journey. As your guide-on-the-side, Kathryn empowers you to make the rest of your life the best of your life. She provides you with the support and inspiration to bring your body, mind, and spirit back to balance and become YOUR new and improved YOU! Build a Midlife Tool Kit full of supportive tools and strategies that give you the confidence to all your easily soar through your Midlife hurdles and challenges. You’ll be with our supportive and encouraging community on every step of your fun, fabulous midlife journey so you can easily rediscover your Magnificent You!

Your initial program is 12 weeks and the majority of our Marvelous Midlifers love the program so much that after completing their initial 12-week program, they join our monthly membership program and enjoy our many ‘special bonuses’ only offered to our membership community.

It's entirely up to you! Our Weekly Play Shops are 75 minutes long. The fun and inspiring play work is something you incorporate into your day as you’re living and breathing through life. The extra meditation, breathwork, mindset techniques and journaling exercises are offered as optional and highly recommended tools to enhance your transformational results. These will take you another hour or so a week. The last thing I want to do is add to your stress. There's nothing you must do, nothing to keep up with. The content is all there for you, whenever you have time to watch/listen to it. And it's all in easily digestible bite-size chunks, with audio downloads, that make on-the-go listening easy. But remember, if you don't have time to invest in yourself, you're not prioritizing yourself and you won’t change!

Can I speak to someone about the program? Yes, of course! Kathryn wants to talk to you. Get on her calendar and set a quick appointment. Book a Call Here!

In our weekly “playshops”, you’ll receive the guidance you need for your journey. Kathryn leads you to your next best transformative steps. Come along and chat with Kathryn about what you need, find your focus, and get a plan tailored to your priorities, needs, and time availability. You'll also get a 1-1 orientation/mentoring call with Kathryn when you first join. If you would like to have a quick chat with Kathryn, she would love to talk to you. Get on her calendar at: Click here to Book a Call

Within the first 30 days of your membership, if you're not satisfied, and show us you’ve worked the program, we will refund your entire purchase price. Full disclosure, I’m proud to say, no one has ever asked for a refund. And I really want you to know, I’ve got your back!

Marvelous Midlife Method inspires you to dive deep into practices that take you out of your head and bring you into your body. To truly heal, your body’s wisdom needs to get involved. These exercises are specially designed to help you unravel the root cause of what’s creating your messiness using meditation, breathwork, visualization, and your intuition. They will help you deepen your connection with yourself and become a magnet for miracles that enhance all areas of your life.

So often our health and emotional issues stem from the experiences we would like to forget. You Know, the traumas and dramas in life. If you’re in midlife instead of jumping in and working through your issues all at once, Marvelous Midlife Method helps you to experience subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness. It will not only help you to reduce your health challenges, but it will also inspire you to reduce stress and feel calm, uplifted, and grounded in every area of your life.

You don’t have to figure your way out of midlife all by yourself. In Marvelous Midlife Method, we get to the bottom of your stress and overwhelm so you can feel like you again … fulfilled, happy, focused, and productive. In our live weekly playshops, we go deep to take you from where you are to where you dream to be.

For 12 Weeks, You’ll go on a magical journey to bring your body back to balance and bring you to your energized, happy and healthy You. Every Other Week you’ll receive one of 6 – magical modules that are specially designed to make your transformation easy and super-digestible.

Once a week our community group gathers to go deeper into the modules, answer questions, and learn mindset and breathwork tools to take these practices to your body for total transformation.

You also have the ability to message Kathryn and the other members of our group with any questions, wins, or challenges throughout the entire program.

Marvelous Midlife Method is for committed women who are looking for radical shifts in their current life & well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. A woman who has a fundamental understanding of the shifts that occur with deep healing and is yearning for lasting transformation when it comes to creating fulfillment, self-acceptance, mindfulness, physical energy, purpose & meaning so they can live their fully empowered lives.

The work in this program supports you to align your core beliefs with your desired lifestyle. All the exercises are designed to take you deep into your superconscious programming. I’ve had the pleasure of being the beneficiary of this astounding work. It will transform and upgrade all the wonderful things that make you, YOU! The work is only as difficult as you want it to be. We take baby steps to heal your body and life. In our group PlayShops we create space to explore what needs attention and shift what needs shifting so you can prioritize the wellness you need for yourself.

Of course, there are no guarantees as far as your wellness because we are all biologically individual and no one’s results are ever the same. Here are just a few of the results my clients have experienced in Marvelous Midlife Method - Reduced anxiety, irritability, and anger. Improved - Self-Esteem, lovability, memory, and concentration, confidence levels, sleep, motivation, energy, stress levels, happiness, relaxation, and success.

Improved - Health and Weight Challenges (thyroid, insulin resistance, adrenal dysregulation, digestion), Hormonal issues.

Upgraded – Worthiness and Healthier Relationships.

And – The joy of Releasing Emotional Blocks to get to your goals faster and easier than ever.

I met Kathryn just over a year ago and immediately signed up to work with her. I consider myself fairly well-read when it comes to wellness, but she has taught me so much more! She is always inspiring and encouraging and I have seen my energy levels and body change under her guidance. She goes beyond just what you're eating and helps you unlock doors in your head and in your heart - to help you change habits and your outlook. She really does guide you to a more joyful life.

Elsa K.

You DON'T need to Try Harder...

You Simply Need to Listen to what your body really wants and Feed YOUR Body what She Desires.

But … It’s So Much More than Food!

You’ve been living in messy midlife for a while and settling for it. What are you waiting for?

Our Next Group Starts on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 5:30 PM PST.

All You need to do to get started on your journey is click the button below.

You’ll be taken to your registration page.

Enter your contact and payment information and you’ll immediately receive your Magnificent Me Jump-Start Kit.

And … an invitation to your initial consultation call with me. I want to get to know you better so I can customize your experience and give you a few great tools to make your miraculous journey the best it can be.

Are you ready to try something new that really works?

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The Marvelous Midlife Method

Meeting Kathryn and working with her has been one of the best experiences in my life. In my late 20's I was always feeling tired, fatigued, and in a fog (I couldn't think clearly). Within one month of working with Kathryn, I felt more energized than I had in years, my sinus pressure lessened, and my acne cleared up.

Overall, Kathryn went above and beyond.



Join Us For...

The Marvelous Midlife Method

You want to get healthier and happier

and don’t feel like you have the time or motivation?

The good news is the modules in

The Marvelous Midlife Method are short and loaded

with powerful tools to move you to your ultimate success.


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